Life is a bed of roses is probably true but only for a handful of people. Indeed, sometimes, life holds such painful surprises in store for us, at unexpected moments and in a whole variety of different forms that it can often seem too heavy to bear. These events force us haphazardly to review our lives in depth. This is what Yves Veulliet, a man whose life was radically knocked off balance, in just a few minutes when he was only 21 years old, following a road accident, tells us with frankness, passion and humour in this book. The path his life has taken since the "shock" up until today, above and beyond his own experience, is a source of encouragement and inspiration for those who also find themselves in difficult situations, no matter what the reason. In his story of the emotions, revolts and joys which punctuate life, we recognise the author is showing us that each of these moments can help us to move forward, if only we take the trouble to try. In addition, for those close to these unfortunate actors in this play that is life: family, friends, health professionals etc, who may not always understand their sometimes violent and contradictory reactions, and which, quite often, the victims themselves struggle to explain, this story will provide a reading framework. It will without a doubt help them to be better and more effective helpers in accompanying their friend or brother or patient to progress on their new, sometimes uneven, path of life. A difficult path, but one which also provides moments of real joy if we know how to find them. But life does not stop when you leave the hospital, the author also explains through his own experience of a successful inclusion in the world of work, how to make employers and co-workers disability confident. Born in 1966 in Mons, Belgium, today Yves Veulliet lives in Brabant Wallon - Belgium. Working for IBM since the 1990s, he has pursued an international career in Human Resources.